Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feeding Time – Redemption and Blasphemy

Leviticus 24:10-23

Last week we talked about misusing God’s name. You can see that here.  The son of the Israelite blasphemed the Name with a curse. So, they brought him to Moses. God told Moses to stone this man actually that everyone needs to.  Pretty harsh huh? Well my Bible says that it is not only well deserved, it is necessary for the protection of God’s people. Our God does get his revenge! Watch thy mouth!! In verses 17-23, it talks about a life for a life. Or as I like to look at it an eye for an eye. These laws ensure that serious crimes will reap serious penalties. Although in Mathew 5:38-42, Jesus revokes the eye for an eye only because now it’s all about love. We must remember to forgive as well. Which in some circumstances we all have trouble doing.


Leviticus 25:47-55

This whole chapter speaks of the year of the Jubilee. This is something new for me to read. I learn something every time! God is good!! I just wonder when our 50 years is coming up!!! LOL.  I should’ve had you read the whole thing!!  This is all about being redeemed in each other. You know, the poor and rich starting over in the same “category” on the 50th year.  The Old Testament talks mainly of slaves. I put myself in that category because of the struggles we have at living our life. If it was “back then” I would be one of those slaves! The definition for redeemed is to be freed through the payment of a required price. During the year of Jubilee, no matter how much debt you owe, you are freed! The difference in the New Testament is that redemption refers to the salvation of humankind. We have been redeemed through Jesus on the cross. Thanks be to God!!

Please tell me if you see anything different than I do from these verses I give you each week. I have always struggled with the Old Testament so this is a learning process for me. I am amazed at the same words being used in both Testaments but meaning different things!

Next week read Numbers 9  & 30…yes the whole chapters, they are not long.

Lord, please protect us through out this week until we meet again. Keep reminding us to seek Your word.  Thank you Lord for redeeming us! In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

Many, Many Blessings to you all,


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