Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me and My Questions

I have some questions for you all. If you could please help me out!!!

I have the best Mother in law ever! She just loves her grandkids and obviously us too! Ha-Ha!  She is giving us another break this week from the kids. Tomorrow evening through Saturday they will be with her and it will just be me and my wonderful husband! So we will have time to ourselves tomorrow night and Friday night. He will be working Friday. I will be working Saturday (thanks to a friend from church I now have a job once a week cleaning homes on the beach!) I am so thankful for my Mother in law and of course my friend for giving me this job!

My plan is to have our Sunset picnic tomorrow evening. Just the two of us on the beach. Anyone have any ideas for a meal to take with us? Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated too for the rest of our time alone (other than the expected, ha-ha). I want to surprise him because he deserves it! Thank goodness he won’t read this unless I show him!

While I am at it, I am also wondering how this giveaway stuff,  advertising and guest posts work. I am not saying I am going to do it, at least right now. But I am very curious how it all works. If someone would be kind enough to tell me how all of this works, that would be awesome! Email me at, 6lifesblessings AT gmail Dot com.

I know someone will have an answer for both of these things! Thank you ahead of time!

Question Lady Chele


  1. When we do picnics,we don't do real meal food. By that I mean, we take strawberries and grapes or blueberries, cheese and crackers. Sometimes we take hummus and pita bread from this great mediterranean restaurant along with some veggies. We like the finger food type picnic. Keeps it easy and different.

  2. Exactly what I was thinking... I didn't want to do a full meal. Not because of the time to do it but because of the seagulls!! LOL!

  3. You blessed girl you! I think that is awesome and what a fantastic mother in law you have!! That's all I got for ya, you know me and cooking...have a great time!!!

  4. Haha you are too funny! Thanks Erika!

  5. I don't have any tips, but have a GREAT time!!!

  6. Have fun w/ your husband ;) You guys need that!