Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday’s Blessings

Please take time to read this one, I have so much to share this week! And if you are a follower of mine this one is a heads up, things will be changing very soon!

Here’s how this works, think of a blessing that stands out from your week. One or many blessings, whatever size of a blessing it is! You can either post it on your blog and link back here or write your blessing in the comments section. (I will be putting up the new linking system everyone else is doing but I will do that on my new site. More about that to come real soon!)

Are you with me? Are you ready to be blessed by seeing blessings? To give you a little incentive, this will help.

Noticing blessings when you are having a bad day, or situation, or a problem your dealing with… will help you see the joy that God wants us to have no matter what!

Lakehouse '09 016

I have had so many blessings to share this week. It really is weird! God has provided so much that I have been praying so hard about. We are really tight on money, which keeps us from going on even a mini vacation with our kids this summer, by buying the books I really want to read (I love a good book!), it has been keeping me from doing my new blog I want to do and we need money desperately to pay the bills we already have but God is providing me with what I need (as usual, He always comes through when it is His plan!)

So here is what has happened this week:

I never win anything but this week I won two things! I won Ang’s Project Photography book from Overcoming Busy. Oh and let me tell you, it is awesome!! It’s a must buy! I also won a book from Amy at Girlfriends Get Real and I cannot wait to get that one and dive in! Thank you Marci and Amy!!

My boys are home from their mission trip and they had so much to share with me. I am so proud that they have seen God in this mission trip! YAY!

We have found out that we CAN get our family friends lake house for a few days in August. We didn’t think we were able through the summer but some things happened and now we can! This is free for us (except for gas and food). We are going with other family members which will help with the food part!

Between my blogging angels (you know who you are!) and my real life angel (Allison thank you!) the new site is coming to life! I am so excited to see the finished product and be able to share with you! I have so many great ideas for this new blog and I hope that you will follow me there! :)

Last but definitely not least. Another real life angel has a job for me next week to make a little money to help my husband pay the bills. I think we may actually be able to pay our bills on time this month! WOOHOO!! I am definitely working from 7am to 5pm Monday and Tuesday and possibly the rest of the week too. I am actually debating if I am going to take the week off from blogging next week. Between working, VBS, and hopefully being able to transfer this blogs material to the new blog… I’m thinking that is the answer. But I will keep you all up to date on whatever I decide! I’ll tell you, I am one happy girl this week. The Joy is overflowing!!

Also if you are following me through this journey either through email subscribing, Blogger or your reader…Thank You from the bottom of my heart!! I have great things in store for you at the new one so be on the look for the new information! :)

I am also linking this up with Finer Things Friday.

I hope you all have some blessings to share this week! God does some great things for us everyday, we just have to see it as a blessing!

Many, many blessings!!



  1. Oooh!! I'm so happy for you!!! LOVE some bills paid on time! LOL And I just especially love it when the Lord comes to the rescue, wooo the light at the end of that tunnel is shining incredibly brightly right now huh? YAY!!

    I love this post btw or rather this idea...well the searching you are calling us to do to review our week in search of the blessings. Ya know, I think I'll blog about it...however I have no idea about how to link to it...

  2. Thanks Erika! I am having a really good week, I hope it doesn't end! :)

    Hey can you check your home email from work? If not call me... I something has been kicking me off your site for two days and I can explain how to link to it! :)

  3. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us with your blog! Isn't God good. He works everything out for us when we have patience. Have a great weekend.

  4. God is Good!! :) You have a great weekend too Amy!

  5. Love this post (as always). Are you doing a different blog on a new site or are you staying w/ blogger?

    I have to agree that God is good. I HAVE to put my faith in him. There is no other way...I still have my "iffy" parts but right now I cant see the blessings in what God is doing w/ my family. Between my Aunt and my Dad. I know they are there. It's just hard to see right now...
    "But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue a single day!" (Habakkuk 2:3 LB). Isnt that great, I know something from the bible :) haha

  6. Oh Heidi!! It is very hard for us to see the blessings when things go bad like it has for you lately. I'll tell you what blessings I see. You are leaning on God more with all that is going on. Your Dad had that infection so that they could find the cancer... that is a God thing. It may not sound like it but it is... I promise you, there is a reason for everything! I am so proud of you...I've got the biggest smile on my face right now!! :)

  7. Oh and Heidi, I will have a new site and blog... If I can ever figure out this FTP mumbo jumbo! LOL

  8. You have had a blessed week haven't you?! That's awesome! You deserve it! Thanks for reminding me to take the time to count my blessings! Here's my post.

  9. Wow! I am amazed always at God's providence. :D

  10. Thanks for visiting Sherry! :)