Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday’s Blessings

Here’s how this works, think of a blessing that stands out from your week. One or many blessings, whatever size of a blessing it is! You can either post it on your blog and link back here or write your blessing in the comments section. (I will be putting up the new linking system everyone else is doing but I will do that on my new site. More about that to come real real soon!)

Are you with me? Are you ready to be blessed by seeing blessings? To give you a little incentive, this will help.

Noticing blessings when you are having a bad day, or situation, or a problem your dealing with… will help you see the joy that God wants us to have no matter what!

I am really loving this Friday’s Blessings! After having this difficult week, I am thankful that I can still see blessings through it all!! He is so good!!

By the end of our no curriculum VBS week these things happened:

  • my friend that was not so nice to me at the beginning of the week was talking to me last night. It wasn’t perfect but it was a start to at least feel comfortable again!
  • From the totals given throughout the week, our highest number of people was 127!! Praise the Lord! What a blessing to be able to reach out to our community children!
  • Last night was amazing! The kids and teens that we were having issues with this week were so much better behaved! I think that has something to do with some of us realizing we need to rebuke that mean ol’ devil! God provided! :)
  • I think the best part of the week was last night after all the kids left and only the teachers and their families were left. We stayed after to help clean up and have some pizza together. My good friend and our VBS director has been very stressed trying to get this together. She wanted it to work out to the Glory of God… and it did! Seeing her tear up at how everyone worked so hard to help make it happen, just made my week! She deserved that moment of realization! The money raised for such a great cause was amazing and the turn out was awesome! What a blessing to have such a wonderful church family to work with!!
  • My kids were all well behaved. I am so proud of how they conducted themselves (most of the week, ha-ha). I was really concerned about my 3 year old actually participating this year. Not left in the nursery. He did so well! He was excited every night to go. And every evening when we got home, he would sing to Daddy the songs he learned! Jesus does love me! :)
  • I personally feel blessed to be a part of this whole week. If it made me overwhelmed at the time or not!!

My favorite part of today’s blessing… I get to make dinner and sit down at the table with the whole family tonight! I can’t wait!!

I hope you can think of a blessing or blessings to share with me. I love how God works. Giving Him control over our lives is worth it!

I am linking this once again to Finer Things Friday. I love how she looks at the finer things (which actually is kind of like this if you think about it)!

Many, many blessings to you all!



  1. I am so happy that your week turned around. God is good!!!

  2. Thanks Marci! He is good all the time! :)

  3. I KNOW I left you a comment didn't you get it? I'll bet after yelling at you on FB that you're like uh huh, I see how you are!

    What I said was (I think) exactly how I feel and I couldn't have said it better myself!

  4. We too had a great week this week at VBS. It is such a finer thing to see our children praise the Lord!!

  5. @CountryMama - Thanks for visiting! Yes that was an awesome thing to see for sure!

  6. @Erika - Haha... Yes I did make a comment to yours about that! I didn't get it, crazy I know! Thanks!

  7. VBS week is one of our favorite of the summer. A Finer Thing, indeed!