Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You Will Never Believe Where I Am Working This Week!

A few weeks ago I subscribed to a little blog called Daily Catch through Coastal Living.  Just an ironic tidbit! This may be long but I don’t think you will regret reading it! :)

Coastal Living does a thing called Idea Homes. This is the “your not going to believe this” part, we are doing a new construction clean for one of their homes in our beautiful coastal community! Didn’t even know that we had one so close until this past week. This house has over 6000 square feet in a beautiful (but very expensive) community. My boss (and friend) came to see the house about a week ago and it didn’t even have the floors in yet. We showed up Monday and she couldn’t believe the transformation in just a week. I can’t believe the transformation in just two days!

Here is the amazing thing about this… we are working with (or should I say around) probably a 100 other people in the home finishing up projects and the designers. We are working around furniture and carpets. If you have ever cleaned a new construction home you know how hard it is to get the dust up when no one is around! This home is being filmed/photographed on this coming Monday! So everything has to be done this week. The designers have told us they do it with every house they do and it always ends up completely done by the due date. It’s a rush but it WILL be completed in time. 

The first day, we went for a ride to eat lunch… we came back and all of us were in awe! We felt like we were driving up on the site of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover! Seriously, we were waiting for the camera guys to walk by and for the people to be lined up along the road. The work trucks and cars were abundant! Not only that but there were two big rigs pulled up with the furniture in front of the house and we wanted to yell “Move That Bus”! Ha-ha! It was just the coolest feeling being part of this. Even if we are just cleaning it! See our work will help the photographers get the beautiful photos they will take! I am so excited for the end of the week to see how this transformed in just a few days! It is just unbelievable!! My favorite part of this home is the sleeping porch. Too cool!

They don’t have much on their site about it yet but you can see some photo’s including the early progress of the sleeping porch! I have to say I’m not a big fan of some of the things they have done. Colors and all but this is a beautiful home and is what they call it, an Idea Home!! I am going to ask the next day I work this week if I can take some photos to share. I don’t know if they will allow it or not, we’ll see!

Click here to see some information on the location and a progress slide show.

I had to share with someone, this is just the coolest thing! And the best part is since Coastal Living is doing this it is giving so many local companies work that is so much needed! What a fabulous thing! God is good!

Many blessings to you all!



  1. What excitement! Sounds like a great thing to be apart of :)

  2. Thanks Ang! I am so excited!!!

  3. Coastal Living is my favorite magazine! I have pages torn out and in a folder. If my husband ever says "lets build a beach house", I can get my plans and design together in about 10 minutes!! I am so excited for you to get to work on such an awesome project!

  4. Haha Marci! I know I got my dream home planned too! Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. How cool is that?! Going to work would be FUN in that situation!

  6. Yep it is definitely helping me want to work this week! LOL. Can't wait to see the finish!