Friday, May 22, 2009

Creativity...where are you???

Ang at the Creative Mama is doing a Get your Creative on and I so want to do it!!! I used to be very creative at many things and want it to show itself again! It's been long, long gone. I don't know how it went away! I just know it will show itself soon. I have faith! The cool thing is this is not just about crafts like you would think (you can find out more about this by going to Ang's blog). I know I will have something to share every Friday but unfortunately not this week!

Everything that I have tried to accomplish this week has failed! I am not great or big on cooking. I am still learning but since I have been making a weekly menu for the past month or so. I am the main person cooking. I keep trying new things. I tried a Egg and Sausage bake and it was horrible. My poor husband and kids felt so bad for not wanting to eat it!! Of course that is the first time I actually woke up early enough to cook a real breakfast for my family on a weekday, go figure! I also was going to try a new All in One Pasta and of all things I forgot the sauce at the store and didn't notice it until it was time to cook! So needless to say, we had french toast last night for dinner! Sorry Ang! I will get that recipe put up on Monday or Tuesday next week, I promise! Go join Ang at the Creative Mama with this weekly challenge, it's going to be fun!! I'll have some better stuff to share next Friday!

Seriously, I sat here for two hours trying to figure out what I did recently that was creative and can't think of a thing!! That is bad I know!!! I am so embarrassed. I even asked the hubby and he looked at me laughed and said "I can't think of a thing!" Hahaha! (of course he had something to say that is not appropriate here! Only a man!!) Anyhoo! Instead of having two days to notice something, I will have a week to notice the things I do and work on stuff to share! I'm up for the challenge. Have faith in me.... :)

Is your creative self in hiding? Do you want to see it resurface? Take the challenge and I bet it does!

Until next time, have a blessed Friday and a safe holiday weekend!!


  1. Michele,
    I have all of my recipes on my website at if you wanted to try some new ones. I will put my favorite sausage and egg bake recipe (we call it breakfast casserole) up so you can try another one.

  2. Thanks Allison! I will go check it out! I need to talk to you about doing a web page for me! See you tonight!

  3. You are forgiven ;) Remember, the beauty of creativity is there are NO rules. You'll find something for next week, I'm sure of it. So glad to have you apart of the little community over at TCM, hugs!

  4. We all have those less than creative days and weeks! There was a week a while back that I tried all kinds of different recipes and we ended up getting pizza about 3 nights! There's always next week. As long as your family is healthy, happy and safe, its all good!

  5. Ang thanks! I am happy to be apart of any uplifting, encouraging and inspiring community!

    Marci, I'm glad I am not the only one!! LOL! :)