Friday, May 22, 2009

Ponderings - Trying to do too much on my own!

I am going to do this now. I wrote it for tomorrow but am afraid with all that is going on (holiday weekend), I will forget to post it!! ;)

I have come to realize I am trying to do way too much!! I am so desperate for some organization in my life that I am wanting to do EVERYTHING!!! There are so many "parties" going on in the blogging world that would help me and I want to do them all!!!! I would list them all but I would have two pages taken for just that list!! Haha!

I am going to list some of my goals and plans (of course there are many more!)


  • Being a better Sunday School co-teacher. Erika, I'm sorry for slacking. I really am trying to come up with things and trying to feel more comfortable with's not coming to me, yet!

  • I so much want to start doing a devotion with my children at least one night a week and doing daily devotions for myself. That is something I struggle with big time! You can read more about that here.


  • I want my blog to reach out to others and have been reading up on blogging a lot since I started this. Some things may change with my page but I will keep you all updated through the changes! I have been blessed with my!! more like FRIENDS!!!! I can only pray that God continues to use me!

  • A schedule to at least go by. I have so many great ideas and trying to figure out how to put it all together. I spend more time on my Reader and at other blogs that I get less time to work on my own blog. Although, I don't want to miss everyone else's posts.

  • My own domain, better set up, and more!

MYSELF! (most of this goes with any of these headings!)

  • the Creative Mama's Get Your Creative On! challenge that I know will help me pay attention more to detail and get that creative talent back from the depths of me!

  • making new, faithful friends! Being a stay at home Mom is wonderful but I am enjoying actually talking adult talk during the day!


  • We have a smaller home for the 6 of us than what we are used too. (Due to financial reasons.) The house is so cluttered and some serious changes are needed! We are having a yard sale Saturday morning that will get rid of some of the clutter. I have expressed in the past that I was going to start my own SimpleMom's Spring Cleaning Party next week (after the yard sale). My problem is that I am so overwhelmed that I don't know where to start. This is where my next goal is taking place. Simplify 101 is having a free workshop on help! I don't know where to begin! for a week. Starting on Tuesday. I have signed up for that and am excited to see what advice Aby has for people like me. I will do that week of the workshop then do the Spring Cleaning Party. It is just common sense to me.

  • My Household Notebook. It's one of those much needed and wanted. It's a great idea if only I could get it done!


  • Spending more quality time with my husband and my kids. Don't get me wrong, I do spend time with them but not like I wish I would or could!

  • We struggle with our finances and honestly I am just tired of worrying about not having electric, phone, etc every week! A blessing came in the mail to me. It was Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover. I plan on reading this and trying what he suggests. Tsh at SimpleMom speaks highly of him and this book. She also wrote a great post today about 5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Finances....Beginning Now. Go check it out!!!

I have so much more on my list of things I want to do or finish! Including the everyday challenges in my home. But it could seriously take up pages and pages!! So I will stop there.

Okay now that I am done with sharing my plans and goals! Let's see how accountable I can be. Actually, now that I have reread what I wrote above. It sounds like I am complaining. I promise that is not the intent! I just wanted to share that there can be too many goals and planning. The only way I see ever accomplishing this is to be accountable with others and praying! I feel overwhelmed thinking of everything I want to do. I hope you all can keep me accountable! Being accountable is my biggest goal and plan...more to come the beginning of the week on that!

My plans keep changing and my goals keep adding up. It's about time to stick to a plan for once and only do a few goals at a time. I am a normal Christian Mom. I want everything to be just right for me and my family. Bouncing around with my ideas, plans and goals is not helping them or me!!

Do you think you can keep me accountable? I'm telling you, it's a hard job! ;) Do you need someone to keep you accountable, on track and cheer you on? Do you try to plan more than actually do? Would you be willing to cheer others on, pray for them and get them on track every week?

I hope this makes you think! Prayers for you to have many many blessings during this holiday weekend!


A beautiful walk down Rainbow Row! Charleston, SC


  1. Great goals! Reminds me that I need to review mine and Dave Ramsay is awesome!

  2. Let me take some pressure off you by saying you don't have to do it on your own and you don't have to do it all at once! Take it one step at a time, one day at a time. Don't bite off more than you can chew and then beat yourself up for not accomplishing that goal. What can you work on right now? What's the most important thing on your list? Pray, then do it! God has big plans for our lives. We just have to get out of the way sometimes and let Him carry out those plans. He didn't make plans for us to accomplish alone. Don't be overwhelmed! Be excited! Its an adventure! Just don't try to get out ahead of God!

  3. Penny, thanks for commenting!

    Marci, you are so good at encouragement!! Thanks!

  4. Wow, I felt overwhelmed just READING it all! LOL I agree with Marci completely, you don't have to do it on your own OR all at one time. Pray about it. Let God help you pick where HE wants you first and then once you get that area down, add on. He WILL guide you, we just have to listen and submit :). (Did you catch the subtle hint from Sunday School? haha I couldn't resist)