Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have a dream!

Or maybe I should call it dreams! I really do feel that God wants our dreams to come true too. He wants us to be happy, as long as our heart is in the right place and we keep him in the Center of it all! I have so many dreams. I guess it is a woman thing. Maybe from being brought up about the fantasy world. You know, princesses and princes, castles and materialistic things!

I have so many dreams. I dream of a better home to call our own. I dream of being able to pay the bills without the weekly stress of not being able to! I dream of my kids getting married to the "perfect" woman or man and having the "perfect" kids. I dream of this blog blessing others and myself (well, it already has blessed me with the faithful commenters and readers!) I always have dreamt that I would write a book someday! I dream of having a simpler life.

My biggest dream is something that I have almost every little detail planned out! If only I would win the lottery (if I would just play it maybe I would win, haha!) Or maybe, just maybe God will see it through without the urge of needing to play the lottery!

I'm going to share this with you. I want to own and run a Bed and Breakfast. Not just any but in Charleston, SC to be exact! It is my favorite of favorite places to visit (yes I have a few but this is my first choice to go). I am a people person. I love to meet new people. I have ideas to make ours unique! For example.... a place for kids to be welcome with kid stuff to do! If you ever looked into a Bed and Breakfast you would know that they have age restrictions, usually teenagers and up. None of them have anything for the kids to do in their place to stay. Charleston really does have a lot of stuff for kids to do! I sure would rather stay in a place where my children are welcome and can feel like my kids are not interrupting someone elses peaceful stay! The homes there are immaculant! Lots of room for a peaceful nights sleep but room for a kids area to play or watch a movie or whatever that they wouldn't be interrupting someones peaceful time! My biggest goal is to share the Good News with anyone that comes for a visit. You never know who it will touch. Being in the Holy City would be the place for it!! If only I knew someone that could back me on it! I know we could do it!! I am learning to cook and starting to like it too! My husband was a chef when I met him and he is also a handyman...we could absolutely do it!!! It is my biggest dream of all and yes I pray for it!!

I believe that you can pray for your dreams. It is not selfish to pray for things like that as long as your intent is right! I believe that all things through Christ can be achieved! I guess it helps that I am a positive person. I pray for all things written above. Why shouldn't I? It's always in my prayers along with praying for others, praying for protection for my family and so much more! I pray for both my family and myself to be "blessed indeed" (Prayer of Jabez).
Do you pray for your dreams? Why or why not? We would like to hear a dream or dreams of yours too! We all have them! Dream and pray on!! :)
Have a blessed Wednesday!


  1. Do I have a dream? Hmmmm, my dreams are pretty much things like, I want my children to succeed in school, I want to help my children figure out what they are good at, so I can keep them involved (Chele you KNOW what I'm talking about) I want a patio out back, I want to make my garage a playroom, I would love to actually take my family on a VACATION. We haven't done that in YEARS! I dream of traveling, retirement, debt free living....LIVING! Living with the fun stuff and not always living with the BILLS! LOL

    You planning on moving to Charleston now?!?! Good grief, you've tried that already, remember you moved back because...some people NEVER learn! LOL

    Just kidding, dream on, I'm sure it's gonna be AWESOME ;)

  2. I am so enjoying this blog of yours! What an encouragement it has been to me this past week.

    Do I have a dream? YES! Is it similar to yours? YES! Haha, I nearly choked on my tea as I read yours... I absolutely and totally love B&Bs. My fave place ever is Napa (CA) and although I'm not far from it we don't visit enough. The husband and I spent our first anniversary in a lovely B&B there and oh how I'd LOVE to have one to call my own. Do I pray for this? No, I hadn't even *thought* of it! I certainly will now.

    Of course there are many other "dreams" on my heart, but a few I'm already living. I have two amazing children and a loving husband, I'm able to pursue two of my loves (photography and writing) and SAH with my children.

    God is so good and I'm excited to see what other dreams he has for me! Thanks for the wonderful post!

  3. Haha! Too funny!! The only problem is we can't even work on it together... your on the west coast and I'm on the east coast! LOL. I really feel strongly that it is not selfish to ask God for things we want. Start praying!!! :)

  4. I love your blog, thanks for stopping by The Frugal Find. Even more...I LOVE this post. I was just reading this morning in John, Jesus was praying and this verse really stood out to me...

    John 17 vs 13"But now I come to You; and these things I speak in the world so that they may have My joy made full in themselves.

    He wants us to experience JOY and to see our dreams fulfilled! What a great dream you have, I pray that you are able to see this dream fulfilled!

  5. Thanks Julia! The verse fits well and really just says what I was thinking!! I am glad you stopped by!

    Erika...I meant to say earlier. Yes I moved away but not there! I moved back to my hometown and realized it was not home anymore! I could walk the beautiful streets of Charleston everyday and be a happy camper! LOL! We'll see what God's will is for me!