Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend at the Lake House (With Photos!)

As some of you know, we ventured to a family friends lake house this past weekend. We had a wonderful time. It rained most of the time we were there but it was so relaxing. My brother in-law and his wife were there. Also, my husbands aunt and cousin. My mother in-law and father in-law did not make it due to car trouble. We missed them but hopefully we can do it again soon and they will be there.

We left Friday afternoon and drove 4 hours to get there. Dalton (3 years old) and Kaleigh (6 years old) were so well behaved there and back! Actually the whole weekend they were great! What a blessing! I was so concerned that they would be miserable due to not being home with their own things. God proved me wrong once again!! We had to leave Tyler (11 years old) and Austen (13 years old) home. They stayed with friends from church. They both were kept busy all weekend as well with going to local baseball games, a Christian concert and Youth Sunday. I did really feel bad that they couldn't be there but they understood they needed to be at church on Sunday. Friday night we ate, played outside with the little ones until dark and went to bed. Not much of anything that night.

Saturday morning we woke up to a threat of rain. We made our way down to the dock to fish. My daughter got a fishing pole for Christmas and has been waiting patiently to go fishing for the first time! So we made it before the rain came down. Kaleigh caught 4 fish (I think) and the first to catch anything on this trip! This is the video of it that my sister in-law took. Too cute! As you see Dalton was getting a kick out of it too! It is too funny when my sister in-law says Kaleigh hold the fish! LOL.

While it was raining the kids stayed with the ladies inside and the men got stuck down at the dock while it was pouring! My sister in-law taught Kaleigh how to play UNO. She loved it and actually was pretty good at it too!

I got a chance to fish too with my husband. I haven't done that since I was a kid. I never realized how relaxing it is! I'll be doing that again!!! We also got to spend some nice time together!

When the men made it back to the house, they were all playing inside with the kids. Dalton loved this huge ottoman!

I guess they tuckered him out! Here he is asleep sitting beside Uncle Scott!

That evening we did some smores! (Oh I love smores!!) So do my kids. You can even make these at home in the microwave for a quick fun thing to do with the kids!

My brother in-law, Scott caught a catfish that evening about midnight (which was also the start of his birthday!)

The next morning we went to fish one more time. No catches this time. Then had to clean up so we could head home to my 2 kids I missed this weekend! We plan on going back again over the summer for a longer stay. I want my 2 oldest to enjoy it too. This is something that we can do pretty cheap and everyone had something they could do there. FYI, this place was free for the weekend due to we are family friends. Not everyone has that but can at least go fishing with their kids! Dig up earth worms with them, buy one fishing pole at Walmart and take them fishing!

It was a wonderful, cheap, relaxing weekend! I can't wait to go again and spend this kind of time with my family! My husband and I do like to go on long weekends a few times a year just for ourselves. Usually to our favorite places like Charleston, SC or Gettysburg, PA. It is much needed to keep the marriage sane and healthy! Although, this was also a great time that I want to do more often!

What do you like to do with your kids for fun family time? I'm thinking cheap here! This was such a cheap way to do something different than the normal movie at home or trip to the park. Do you spend more time away from home on vacation with your husband or with the whole family? What do you like to do to get away?


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! We dream of big vacations to take with the kids, but alas, we are struggling on 1 income (hubbie lost his job recently, but got another within a week, PTL!) So for us little weekends away will be just the ticket! :) We love to camp, and hope to do that this summer.

    Thanks for the great reminder! Hugs!

  2. Yes PTL! That is great! We have one income as well... we actually had about 8 months of no real work and finally starting to get on our feet again the past two months! So we think the same way! That's us too...we love to camp as well! Cheap vacation (at least cheaper than Walt Disney world!lol).

  3. I love the video of Kaleigh, I wouldn't touch that fish either :0 For family fun, we play alot of UNO and Mall Madness (Rusty is really good at that one, LOL He beats us every time). I'm glad ya'll could get away for the weekend. What a beautiful place :)