Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Weeks Shout outs!

Here are my shout outs for the week!! Sometimes it is hard to narrow it down! It's also hard not to put the same ol' blog sites down every week! :)

Kirwin over at Graceful Creative posted a great idea. I think I will use this the next time, how brilliant!! You can read it here.

ListPlanIt has a list of ways to afford summer fun. Go check it out, some great ideas!

As I said on my last post, my bff Erika has her own blogspot now. God uses her to make me realize something when I speak with her or read something she wrote (everytime!) What a great inspiration she has been to me since I have known her! Thanks Erika for joining me in the beginning of this!! Go check out her site at Sowing Seeds!

I found this site last week and I love her blog. Too ironic or should I say a God-incidence! It is Pentecost right now and Burning Bushes kind of goes with it! She posted today about 5 ways to Check yourself! Your spiritual self that is. You've got to check it out!!

And check this out at Tip Junkie. She's having a party!!

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS week with many blessings ahead!!!



  1. OH thank you!!! You are the sweetest. I'm so glad you moved back...have I already said that?

  2. Ha you only checked because I told you the messed up thing about starting a post before you really want to put it out! too funny! Yes you told me that many, many times! But it is nice to hear every once in awhile!! I'm glad to be back to the beach!