Friday, May 29, 2009

So I am a slacker!

No not really but I was busy yesterday looking all over the internet for free things to do with my kids this summer. We are absolutely broke right now and I want my kids to have a laid back but fun summer. I found so much around our area that is free or very cheap! YAY!!

So I have done a list of things we can do for free this summer. Actually I split that list in two. One is for us as a family. One is for the kids during the week. These are all things we can use over and over. Some are things we do often as a family anyway but I thought this would be more fun! I put every item on a piece of construction paper (cut in squares).

Above, are things to do during the week. Below are things to do with the family.

I placed these "little cards" into an envelope. One for family time. One for the weekdays. We will just pull them out like cards and someone will pick one (like a magic trick!)

I don't have a specific amount of items we will chose each week for the kids. As well as we won't decide when to pick them. We will pick something when it is needed. During the week, when it's just me and the kids, we will pick something when I see we need a change of pace. You know kids, they get tired of being at home. They get irritated with each other. They get bored! Most of all, us Mom's need a change of pace when they get like that!! It's also going to be of good use when their is a reward needed or surprise!

For the family envelope, we will do at least one a week. But not a scheduled time or day. My husband actually made me take some from the kids during the week because they were things he wanted to do too!! Although, some things I have on both (i.e. Movie time, game time, beach, etc.)

This is more practical for me. It's not scheduled but it will be in reach when needed. I seem to feel more pressure when I schedule too much! And the kids need time without having a schedule too! At least that is how I feel!!

I also do have a list of things we can do close enough, if we have the money and want to go somewhere. Which will help decide since I already have the information. The cost, where it is and the website for the information is all written down in one spot.

I am going to link this to the Creative Mama's get your creative on. This is about what you get from me lately Ang! LOL. (Ang I tried it again and your button will not show up on my post, I don't know what I am doing wrong!)

On another note, my bff Erika has decided to do her own blog. Go check her out at Sowing Seeds. She is always an inspiration to me (she keeps me on track!) I know she can reach others just like I am trying to do! I am in the process of changing my page. I really don't like the background I am using. So bear with me as I figure out which one I want!! I am a woman, we like to change our minds A LOT!!!

Have a blessed weekend!!



  1. Oh you silly goose, I LOVE it! That is exactly what I'm talking about... what a totally creative idea this was! Something I definitely need to do for us this summer.


  2. Thanks Ang!! I really appreciate the support!
    Hugs right back at ya!!

  3. Now see, I really love the background and I had every intention of letting you know that! I was very impressed when I stopped by :)

    The summer idea is OUTSTANDING!! I want to be involved with the family stuff. Wouldn't that be fun? You come up with the ideas and we just tag along?!?!?! Chasin will LOVE having us there ALL THE TIME!! haha Maybe you should add water gun war and I'm DEFINITELY there and aiming for that nutty husband of yours :) Oh never mind I forgot that I can't run anymore :(

    AND one more thing I see that Austen and Kaleigh have their own picks...I'm sure you gave Tyler and what's his name....OH YEAH! DALTON, their picks too (haha sorry I just couldn't resist that one!)

  4. I love your blog! It gives me ideas too :) I am in the same boat w/ my kids. They get bored over the summer. And we have little to no $ to spend. We were going to go to Dutch Wonderland but that is quite pricey and my youngest hates rides! The playdough idea works for us...I take it outside to play w/ it and then we have a little picnic. If you have a pool (kiddie pool) they may like that, or a sprinkler :) haha! Sounds so simple but kids enjoy simplicity, sometimes.

    Keep on bloggin' chikie, I love this stuff!! :)

  5. Great ideas, gotta keep the kids busy thats for sure!

  6. Chele, thanks so much for all YOUR encouraging comments on my blog. I so appreciate reading them. this is such a wonderful creative idea. My family definitely needs to do this. I think this would also help my husband and my date-night which is next to non-existant. Maybe if we had an envelope of fun ideas awaiting us, we'd get to it! Thanks again, Abbie

  7. You are very welcome Abbie! I love your site! The envelope idea works!! :)