Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Menu

Well better late than never! LOL. Skipping today since it's almost over.

Tuesday May 19th
B-Waffles with fruit
L-Cold cut sandwich and side of fruit
D-Scalloped Potatoes and ham with lima beans and apple crisp

Wednesday May 20th
B-Sausage, Egg and Cheese bake with side of oranges (yum!)
L-Sandwiches with apples and/or cucumbers
D-Breakfast for dinner....Pancakes w/fruit

Thursday May 21st
B-Poptarts and fruit
L- Soup w/some fruit on the side
D- All in One Pasta w/garlic bread, stuffed zucchini boats and banana pudding

Friday May 22nd
B-Strawberry-banana crepes
L- Cold cut sandwich with fruit salad
D- eating of course!

Saturday May 23rd
B-cereal and bananas
L- Tuna mac and cheese with peas
D-Chicken Fajita Melts with a veggie toss and fruit

Sunday May 24th
B-Apple Coffee Cake
L-Sandwiches w/ fruit and veggie
D-Mushroom Pork Steaks with broccoli cheese and rice casserole and any fruit

Now you will see some wording like "fruit" or "veggie", that is because it really just depends on my mood! But I plan on getting all kinds of fruits and veggies at the store tomorrow. I am still doing the challenge and working really hard on getting the better habits going!

Happy Eating! :)


  1. I'd love to know what your "all in one pasta" is! Care to share? :)

  2. Good for you keeping on the veggie challenge! I did pretty good last week. I've been adding more exercise, too. Feeling great so far!

  3. Ang, the all in one pasta I will share...if it's good!! LOL. This will be the first time making it, so I will be sure to post it after I make it!
    Marci, that is great!! It does help to exercise... that is something else I am working on as well!!