Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Honor of My Husband!

With Father’s Day this weekend, I felt the need to express how much I appreciate my husband! I do honey more than you probably know!

My husband and I met at a bar. Yeah, I know they say that you can’t meet the “right” guy at the bar but I am here to prove to you that they are wrong!  He actually made a bet with someone that he would get me…he won! And I am glad!

He is an amazing husband. If you ask me if I know he loves me. For the first time in my life, I am able to say YES and know I am right!

Chasin is a great father too. As a matter of fact, the story goes like this.

We met. At first I wouldn’t bring him home to my two oldest who were only 2 and 3 years old. I promised myself and God that I would not do that to my boys unless I knew it was right. That didn’t last long!! I knew one night for sure, he was the one! I remember it vividly! So, I decided to bring him to meet the boys. I knew he would be a good Daddy when a few weeks later my kids wanted to call him Dad. Now, I know it sounds like that was too soon but I had brought other guys to meet my kids and they never ever even mentioned they liked them. My own Dad actually likes this man too… which was a plus! ;)

Two years later, we married. My boys walked me down the isle. I wish that I had pictures on my computer that you could see it. It was beautiful! He always treated my two boys like his own. Eventually my boys called him Dad. The boys wanted Daddy’s last name. Chasin wanted to adopt them and I wanted him to do it too. Their biological father was just that a biological father… he signed his rights away to Chasin. And they now have my husband’s last name! They are now ours instead of my boys. We also have two younger children together that he has never treated differently. Which was my prayer all these years! Thank You God and thank you Chasin!!!! 

To my husband…the love of my life,

Thank you for taking Austen and Tyler in as your own. Thank you for treating them the way they deserve to be. Thank you for at a young age, taking the step to be a Daddy to two kids that didn’t have one! You are the best! You are all we need!! We all love you!!!

Oh goodness, you know, with 4 kids we are going to have lots of grandbabies too! Hopefully not anytime soon! Ha-ha!!


You keep us laughing and smiling. You love us all unconditionally. You work hard for your family.

You are a FABULOUS Daddy!

chestnut crew

 Kbug catching her first fish2



  1. Oh Chele! You are making me cry! And that is hard to do. God is soooo good!

  2. Thanks Heidi!

    Marci, I cry everytime I think about it. God has been so good, regardless of our struggles... we have my husband! :) God is good, All the time!!! :):)

  3. I just realized something, the first pic, it looks like my son has his middle finger up... I assure you he does not!!! This was taken by someone at church! Not only that, he would be in big, big trouble!

  4. What a beautiful story and wonderful man God has given to you. Thank you for sharing Chele!!

  5. I love your hubby, he's a great guy but give him a smack for me anyway ;) LOL AND be careful calling their home, you NEVER know WHO will answer that phone!! LOLOLOL He cracks me up =)

  6. Haha Erika....I'll have to show him this comment! You better watch out! LOL!