Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday’s Blessings

Okay so my big idea is to help you (and me) to recognize the many blessings. Big and Small! So every Friday I will post a blessing of the week that stands out for me!  Whatever size of a blessing it is! I would like you to do the same. Either post it on your blog and link back here or write your blessing in the comments section. (I will eventually put up the new linking system everyone else is doing but I have to go to work in an hour!)  Are you with me? You ready to be blessed by seeing blessings? To give you a little incentive, this will help. Noticing blessings when you are having a bad day, or situation, or a problem your dealing with… will help you see the joy that God wants us to have no matter what!

Mine for this week is my new job. If you have been following me for awhile you would know that we struggle pretty bad financially. We moved back to the Carolina’s almost a year ago and I have actually given up looking for something due to frustration. Just when I thought there is no way for me to help with our bills, it happened. My good friend from church does her own cleaning. Mainly beach houses after the tourists leave. Last Saturday, I worked with her (and some other great friends from church) for the first time. Boy, is cleaning a job or what! I compare it to construction because you still sweat and use muscles you usually don’t. (yes I am a little sore this week, ha-ha!) So last Saturday was a huge blessing. On top of that God gave some more blessings this week. I worked yesterday all day and will be working today for a few hours! This is huge for me! God is good! Even with my frustrations, I have seen JOY in the blessings God has given me. It is nice to work again (not sure about doing it all the time but part time is awesome!) Even my friend who gave me the job, keeps saying how she thinks God is placing me in her path from the start of me asking when she needed it the most to me helping this week when she was feeling overwhelmed!  I will be working tomorrow too! YAY!! So see my friends, I like working but I also like staying home with my kids and in the blog world! I think God likes it too! :)

Have a blessed and safe holiday weekend!



  1. Last week, I took my car into the shop for a repair that should have taken half a day. 5 days later, they got it done. In the mean time, I was not happy about having no transportation. But, it turned out to be a huge blessing. The kids and I spent time at home together just hanging out, playing being creative. It was just what we needed. I love God's unexpected blessings!!!

  2. AMEN Marci! It is awesome isn't it?!!! :)

  3. Congrats on the extra jobs! I didn't know about it being more than Saturdays!! Wonderful news. My blessing this week...spending extra time with Cassie, Billy and their family before they moved. It didn't feel like a blessing at first because, well, for several reasons but it turned out to be really nice. I'm going to miss them and that baby. What good sugar he has =)