Friday, May 15, 2009

Ponderings - Stay Positive

Last week I did a post on Ponderings, I believe I will continue this each week. Although my plan was to do this every weekend. Saturday's preferably but we are going away this weekend and won't be home until Sunday afternoon. No computer where we are going! I didn't want you all to miss what I am pondering on this week.

I could swear on.... okay I'm not going there! Let me reword that, I strongly feel that staying positive has a serious impact on your happiness and joy! Most of all, on your being able to see God when things don't go your way. Remember it's God's way not ours! I have some friends that do what I cannot stand. They act like it is the end of their world, something did not go their way or they bring down everyone around them because they are miserable and so negative. Now don't get me wrong, I have my days too. Everyone does, we are human. It is healthy to express how you feel but is not healthy for this type of person and their relationships. I am the type of person that when things go wrong or someone hurts my feelings or whatever it may be, I'm down until I express it to someone I trust. Then just like that I see the blessings all around. I realize that maybe it was meant to be this or that way. Our family has struggled for way too long financially. I have my days when it brings me down but I turn it around with my 4 step thought process.
  • Pray!!!!! For goodness sake, let the Lord help you!!! Ask him to help you change your thoughts and not bring them on other people!

  • Sometimes I do need "let it out" to someone who I trust and understands me. But not always!

  • I think of people that are worse off than me. You know, those people that don't have a home.(I do!) Those people that their husband or children have gone to their GREAT REWARD. (I have my husband and children here with me!) There are so many things you can think about to change your whole outlook!

  • Pray again!!! Thank the good Lord for what you do have and ask him to bless you!! There is not a time that the Lord has not blessed me in some way when something goes wrong. God is good to us!

When I have a friend or family member that is acting like this, I do a few things to brighten it up and hopefully help change their attitude on things. Here is my process.

  • Again Pray!!!! Pray for the correct words and actions for yourself. Pray for that person to see their blessings and to be able to have a different view on the situation. Sometimes I do have to pray for the anger to go away for myself. I get so upset that they are bringing me down that anger sets in. It's not healthy. (I actually had this happen this past week). God did take that anger away almost immediately!

  • I bring on my positive attitude. Kind of behind the scenes, I don't make it obvious at this point. Positive words and actions. Smiling about life can do a lot. Of course you cannot do that with everyone. Sometimes it's online that you are dealing with it! I try to lift them up without coming out and saying it.

  • At times you have to politely ask them to stop. Tell them that they are bringing you down with their actions and statements.

  • Again and again, Pray! Pray for them to have a change in the way they react to things. God can do this!

How do you stay positive? How do you keep those around you positive? Do the steps above help you any? I pray the people in this world that are so negative about every situation will see one day that how they react brings down the people they are around. And it is just not fair to those people! (I told you I was dealing with this! LOL. Had to get it off my chest!)

Sometimes we (positive people) need to talk about it too!!!

I pray you all can see the blessings in your life and stay positive. Even the flowers on this page are a blessing!



  1. Great one! I have actually been dealing with this lately. For me, I do pray but I, personally, have to run to the word. And if they are being very negative...I just don't say anything but inwardly I'm praying. The word and prayer...that's the recipe for any situation.

  2. What a beautiful reminder, thank you Chele!

    Have a great weekend away :)

  3. Thanks Ang! I really did have a great weekend! Completely agreed Erika!