Friday, May 15, 2009

Proud Mama!

Since Mother's Day was this past Sunday, I have to share with you what a Proud Mama I am!

I am going to share with you a poem my 13 year old son wrote. He writes poems all the time and shares with me when he is done. It's always about God or Love. He is a good boy and I am so proud of him. (I have to say that I had trouble deciding which poem to share but this one kind of goes with this past week!)

by Austen

My Mother
She is a lover
of all God's people.
She's like a holy steeple.
She's one of my heroes.
She always listens to me
even if she doesn't know how to help.
She tries to help me the best that she can
and always lending a helpful hand.
She's been through a lot in 32 years
and doesn't fear to share with me about some,
to show me life's lessons.
At eighteen she had me,
I was her first and now I am thirteen.
But I am glad it was her that had me.
For she is the Best Mother
that a son could ever want.
She may discipline me
but only to teach me a lesson.
She loves on me,
so I can love on others.
She makes me work
cause she knows she won't always be there.
So I help out as much as I can
to share my appreciation.
For what she's done for me,
for what she's been through,
for just loving me.
And most of all,
for being my Mother.
I don't know where I would be without her.
I don't know if I could even live without her.
She is my life,
and I am one of hers.
So I will love her for years and years.

Some people reading this know my oldest and they know he loves God. He is going to be my Preacher man! His poems are not always what I think of when it comes to poems but the boy sure knows how to write his feelings! He is my helper at home. He helps with anything he can, sometimes when I don't even ask for him to do something. He is so good with all the younger kids.

I hope that everyone has had a great Mother's day this past week. I know I did! :) I hope you enjoyed my oldest child's writing!

There are Blessings everywhere even if you don't see them!



  1. Simply beautiful! He's such a great kid and obviously very talented too. To God be the glory for all of Austen's many talents and making you, obviously, such a great mom. Thank you for sharing this and btw his poem is a PERFECT poem :)

  2. Thanks Erika! He told me to pick one I wanted to put up. He doesn't know which one yet. I'll have to share it with him when we get back in town!

  3. You should be proud!! That is fabulous for so many reasons!