Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prioritize your Goals!

My, this has been on my mind if you can't tell by now! I know I told you I had an idea about this for us all but I am afraid I am not ready yet! I want to do it right and I am just not ready for that yet! I am still learning about blogging and I don't feel it's the correct timing.

I read a great post this morning at Serene Journey. It hit right on! I realize that in order to get where I want to end up, I need to work on it now! Not the little things like meal planning, decluttering, organizing and the household notebook. I know these things are going to help me and I will continue as time allows but I need to prioritize! If you want to learn more of where I am coming from, go read How to Choose Goals and Ensure Success.

Here is my list of goals with PRIORITY! (all of the ways to accomplish these are realistic for my personality and procrastination issues at this time.)

1. Procrastination: It is not of God and should be my #1 thing to battle! Less procrastination, more goals completed!

  • Pray, Pray, Pray

  • Research ways on how to combat it!

2. My health overall: I am not a healthy eater. Nor do I exercise, other than chasing the kids!

  • I have already been working on it but eating more fruits and veggies. Less salt and less sugar. More water!

  • Walk on the beach at least 3 times a week! I can do that!!

3. This Blog: I want it to reach out and help others as it will help me too. You can read more about my goals with this here and here.

  • I need to get going with this due to our financial status. This was not the original plan for this blog but we just cannot afford daycare and I refuse to work in a restaraunt or bar (I have serious reasons for that!) I always have loved to be on the internet. As a matter of fact, a good friend from church used to call me the Internet Queen. I know I could make money with it. It's just figuring out how! Although, I refuse to let it get out of hand. My wanting to reach out to others is and always will be on the front burner!

  • More research on blogging. Possibly my own domain, twitter, technorati and stumble upon, overall layout, Feedburner, more subscribers, etc.

  • Schedule

  • More writing to keep me from spending so much time on here instead of on my home!

4. Frugal and Financial: I want to do these both. Frugal is something new for me and I need to learn more about. I am just tired of living the way we are having to live, it's time for change!

  • Read the book that was given to me, "Total Money Makeover" written by Dave Ramsey. I hear so many good things about his ideas. I know it will help!

  • Envelope System (which I hear is also one of Dave Ramsey's ideas for helping).

  • Research on how to be frugal

  • Start using the coupons! (I am horrible at remembering them!)

5. B&B: I know we could do it and do well. It's getting to a point of good financial status to get it! You can read more about that here.

  • It is hard for me to write the ways I will accomplish this until I complete all of the above! I will do this at a later date!

I have also realized that being more faithful to God should NOT be a goal, I should just be doing it!! PERIOD! Same goes with my family!

I will keep you updated on how things are doing with all of them. Especially if I decide to change my domain!! All of my readers are great!! Thank you for being loyal so far!

Romans 14:12 says "So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God."

I am sharing all of this because I think accountability is huge!! If anyone has any ideas for me on any of these, has the same goal (we can work together!), if you have a goal you would like to announce so that I can keep you accountable, and/or want to just keep me accountable, please do so! Pray for me as well!

Many Blesssings!



  1. This is week 3 of taking action on my goal to be healthier. I am with you on the veggie challenge and more exercise. I find it helpful to make an exercise and food chart. If I know I have to record my activity and my food for the day, I am a lot more careful! As far as the frugal thing, I really stink at it too. Maybe we can encourage each other in this area!

  2. I think it is good idea to keep a record of the exercise and food chart as well. I have not really recorded it, maybe I should!! Alright, your on with the frugal thing! Haha! Thanks Marci!