Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Flexible Summer Schedule

My kids get out of school tomorrow and I have been struggling making a schedule for them. They need routine BUT I also want them to have flexibility. Our summers are crazy from out of town guests and visits to the last minute pool invite from Grandma. I want them to enjoy their summer. I want God's plan for us to work. If we are too strict with the schedule we may miss that plan from God. So I came up with a simple schedule to go by. This will help with the times my teenagers are asked to go somewhere with other youth and Grandma's last minute call. If they don't get the chores done that day, there is always tomorrow! (Annie the movie is playing in my head right now!) We are struggling big time with finances and I have had to put off going to visit my family in Pennsylvania, going camping, all the fun things we like to do as a family. So, I will let them enjoy their summer (including the free things I listed here.)

This is the schedule for Monday through Friday. (oh and it starts at 9am this is because Mama can't get moving until about that time and of course breakfast before that!)

9am to 10am - any chores for the day.

10am to 12pm - playtime (preferably outside!)

12pm to 1pm - lunch time

1pm to 3pm - inside time/quiet time (this is when my 3 year old takes his nap so the others (and I) can play board games, do crafts or whatever is QUIET! This is also the part of the day that is the hottest in these parts!)

3pm to 6pm - free time (outside or inside, chores if need be)

6pm to 8pm - dinner, showers, clean up and devotion with the kids

8pm to bedtime - quiet time, read a book, watch a movie, walk on the beach

Like I said, this is so it is flexible but we will have some sort of routine. I just didn't want to give them too much schedule. This is a simple but productive schedule for me.

My kids chores will stay the same. Right now, we do chores (i.e. sweeping, bathrooms, etc.) one day a week. This is due to not wanting our time together to be minimal through the week because they are doing chores in the short time they are home between school and bedtime. My teenagers do the main chores and this schedule will allow them to do them throughout the week instead of in one big heap! Their chores like dishes will stay the same. My 6 year old daughter will be taught new chores throughout the summer so she will have an actual chore list rather than things like picking up her toys.

This gives us time to enjoy each other and outside time to enjoy our yard! We have some beautiful lilies everywhere and roses, magnolias and others!! So I will enjoy it too! Check them out!!

Aren't they beautiful!!! :)

What do you do during the summer with your kids? Do you leave time for God to work in your life? Do you take time to see the beauty of Summer (or shall I say, God's creation!)? Do you use a strict schedule or do you feel you need to be flexible (as I do)?

Many Blessings to you all on this Tuesday!!


  1. Your schedule sounds like a good idea. Not too structured, not too loose. We just started new responsibilities yesterday. I need to couple that with some sort of schedule like yours. I plan on writing about it later this week.

    Your flowers are gorgeous!!!

  2. I really am enjoying those flowers!! I have so many that I just bought a big vase to clip some tonight and put them in the house too! :) Thanks Marci, I look forward to reading about yours!

  3. My kids are on their third week of Summer vacation and I am still trying to get a schedule established. It seems our days have been super busy and I hate it. I want us to just enjoy each other this summer and it hasn't happened yet. Hopefully tonight I will have some time to really get my arms around this and try to get it in place before our Summer is over.

  4. @Get Real Girl - We are human and our life gets ahead of us all the time! Don't fret! You have time!! :)

  5. Hmmmm, I have NO schedule for my kids...actually I really don't have a schedule for me. The only thing that is scheduled is when I go to work and generally we eat at the same time. That's the joy of summer for me, NO schedules. I think it's AWESOME that you've done one though ;) I would like to get our devotions on a more scheduled time and maybe that way it will be done EVERY night, I'm thinking that maybe we should do it earlier in the evening before they get sleepy. Anyway, way to go on the schedule!

  6. I am hoping my schedule helps me to be better at the devotion time!