Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What You Don't Know About Me

I thought about this a lot. I want you all to know who I am. Just as I like to know a little about the people I am talking to in the blogging world! So here are some things about me that you may not know. I feel it is important to really know the people you are sharing your life with!

This is a recent photo of My hubby and I!

Here it goes:

  • My real name is Michele. Everyone always calls me Chele, so I thought I would keep it real!

  • I believe in God and Jesus is my Savior! Well you probably already know that about me! Oh well, it’s worth saying it again and again!

  • I am 32 and married for a second time. If it wasn’t for my two oldest boys, I would wish I was never married the first time!!! My husband is amazing! He is my real life hero! I’ll speak more about this in a future post.

  • I actually get embarrassed and don’t know what to say when someone tells me how good my kids are. They are amazingly more respectful than most children I am around. That was on my top of “what I want my children to be” list! I can’t figure out why I get embarrassed!

  • I was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania and have lived at the beach in the Carolina’s for about 11 years now.

  • I grew up around the bar and restaurant scene. My parents owned one. My Dad has now been sober for 6 ½ years! (PRAISE THE LORD!) Which is why I refuse to get back in that business!! (Another future post, I’m sure!)

  • Our Preacher Man calls me Chili. (It’s a long story!) He is an amazing preacher, good friend, and like him and all of the people in my church, they are considered family in my book!

  • I L-O-V-E pineapples!!! YUMMY! :)

  • The only TV show that I make sure I watch every week is Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. I know I probably shouldn't but it intrigues me!! I can't help myself!!

What about you? Do you have something to share that I may not be able to tell by looking at your about section? You can share here (at least one thing!) Or share it on your blog to your readers. But let me know if you do it on your blog! Just in case, I think I am subscribed to most of my readers but you never know!

Blessings to you my friends!


  1. I did a survey thingy 'about me' hahha! So cheesey, I love doing that stuff!

  2. I'm sorry I've been absent from your blog as of late! I'm going to catch up here soon :)

    I loved reading a bit more about you!

    Lets see... here's me:

    - I hate flying and have vowed not fly anymore.
    - I'm named after the Rolling Stones song... (Angie) hehe
    - I recently died my own hair and it turned purple! Ah!


  3. My sister LOVES those Ghost Hunter shows. I cannot watch them, not even a little bit. I will jump at every little noise and be terrified to go to sleep at night! I'm a weenie, I suppose. :)

  4. Thanks for commenting!! I already know a lot about you Heidi!

    Ang! Purple?! Haha!

    Megan, I am the same way you are but I can't help but watch it! Thanks for coming by! :)

  5. #1 - I don't call you Chele....I've never heard anyone call you Chele...you SURE people call you that? LOL, just kidding but at church you are MICHelle. LOL

    #2 I can touch my nose with my tongue ;) Not sure if you know that about me.

    #3 I LOVE talking on the phone...there's something you forgot to put, you DON'T like talking on the phone. HAHA, I just force you ;)

    #4 My new favorite color is peachy pink or coral, I guess, I still love purple but I've come to realize that I just LOVE peachy pink ;)

    #5 I perfer a pool MUCH better than the beach. I live at the beach and might make it there maybe 4 times in the summer and that's ALOT. I'm always at my mom's pool and there's no sand, no sharks and no current to worry with.

  6. Haha Erika! My family and friends called me that growing up. Ya'll don't do that! Except Chasin at times!
    Correct, I absolutely HATE the phone! LOL

  7. Yeah, I can tell...how long were we on there yesterday? LOL