Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun and Free Ideas for the Summer

Last Friday I wrote a post and linked up to the Creative Mama's site for Get Your Creative On. I am participating in this because I am praying it brings my creative self back to life! I used to be pretty creative, honestly I don't know where it went!! I love how Angie says it doesn't have to be can even be something creative you did to tell your husband you love him!! I never thought of creative like that. The Creative Mama actually featured me for this weeks GYCO! Go figure! Just when I thought I wasn't creative enough! :) Well, I really don't have anything this week. I'll tell you why. I was not thinking about anything but this horrible blogspot! As my readers know, I have been struggling with doing things I want to on blogspot. I am contemplating moving to another one like Wordpress or even a web host. So stay tuned! Anyhow, that got in the way of me doing anything really productive this week. I pray God can help me get out of this rut! (I know He will!)

I have decided today I will tell more about my idea that was featured at the Creative Mama. I have had people ask me what kind of things I came up with. So here it is!

If you remember, I did two envelopes. One for family time together. One for the kids (and me) during the week while the hubby is working. All of these things are free!

Family Time envelope has these cards:
  • Fort Fisher (which is a National Historical site and is free!)
  • Brunswick Town/ Fort Anderson
  • Moore's Creek Battlefield
  • Game time
  • Park
  • Nature Walk
  • Movie time
  • Beach
  • Pool (we have family with pools)
  • Sunset Picnic on the beach
  • Sunrise Breakfast on the beach
  • Concert (our towns along the coast have free concerts every weekend through the summer, some on the beach and some in parks)
  • Water Gun fight
  • Indigo Farms (a local farm)

For the kids (and me) during the week:
  • Blow Bubbles
  • Playdoh
  • Game pick (all 4 kids so 4 cards for the envelope)
  • Movie day (all 4 kids plus me, this is when I can pick my fav's like the Sound of Music:)
  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Bird Island (an undeveloped part of the beach that is only open to the public for a nature walk once during the week)
  • NC Maritime Museum (yes it's free admission!)
  • Bake something together
  • Sunrise Breakfast
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Music and Dance time (this is my favorite one!)
  • Sprinkler fun
  • Wash the Car (sounds like a chore but all 4 of my kids love to do it!)
  • Build a fort in the house and camp out
  • Pajama day (where your pajamas all day and just chill!)
  • Water Gun fight
  • Make a card for someone

As you see some things are used on both lists. We can keep those cards in the pile to do again because it's free!!

I do actually have a list of some plantations and museums we would like to go to with the price (total for all 6 of us) written beside it. It will make it easier if we decide to do something else.

All of these are things I've heard over time or have come up with on my own. It was fun doing this too! It amazed me the things we could do for free. For example, Fort Fisher. You can take a ferry for $5 per person or you can drive the long way around, I chose the long way around! You can picnic, walk around the fort and walk on the beach all in the same trip. We just would not be attending the museum there because that is pretty pricey!

Anyway, google it and find those places that you can do for little or no money!! You will be amazed at what you find!! You can also see more of this idea here.

Please come join us Monday for our first Feeding Time-Weekly Bible Study!

Many Blessings and a Joyful weekend!


  1. Awesome idea and glad you were featured!! Good for you :)

  2. I love how you explained it a bit more, thanks so much! You'll figure out the whole blog thing... and until then, remember your words speak louder than your layout :) You have a great thing going here, don't give up! Happy Friday!

  3. Thanks Erika!

    Ang I can't thank you enough for all the encouragement and help!! I can't help it you are the BOMB of the Mama's!!! :)