Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thirsty Thursday - Fruit of the Spirit

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” Galatians 5:22

We are focusing on one of these a month with our Youth Sunday School class. It is a verse, I believe everyone should know! I struggle with all of these at some point because we are human and I also think God knows this! That’s why He wrote it in here in the first place!! Love is the one I feel all of us are pretty good at. Especially as Mom’s and/or Wife’s. Joy is something that we need to focus on instead of happiness. Peace is something I need right now and some of you too with the financial mess our country is in. Patience especially with the kids being home this summer! Kindness I always try to be. My Mom always said kill them with kindness (when someone is mean to me), it works every time! Faithfulness is one that we all need to be striving to be! Self-Control is a biggie too! We need to have self-control to live everyday in the way God intended us to. Goodness and gentleness, I think pretty much explains it in the single word!

So as I write this I’m coming up with a new plan for Thirsty Thursday for at least the next 9 weeks. I’m going to do one fruit of the spirit a week. We are too have all of these in are spirit to be a true Christian. I know I slack in some areas. For example, patience is hard for me especially right now with the kid’s home for the summer. But love is one I don’t struggle with. I love everybody! Even you (my online buddies)!! It’s just always how I’ve been and I am thankful for that!

I think with the circumstances of our kids newly out of school for most of us. I am going to start with Patience next week!

Do you have any fruit of the spirit’s you struggle with? Which is the hardest for you? Which is the easiest for you? Are you ready to learn more about these? Follow me starting next Thursday!

Lord God, I praise you for these Words! They guide us on the right path towards you. Please help us all to keep these 9 fruits of the spirit in our hearts and minds at all times! Please protect these women and their precious families through the weekend ahead. In Jesus Name I pray! AMEN!!

Many, many Blessings!


  1. Hmmm, let's see, SELF-CONTROL! That's my weak point. I do feel like the Lord has shown me what joy and peace are, I fall sometimes but I know what they mean now. So self-control and PATIENCE!! So I'm leaning on the Spirit with those two and trying to do my part when He leads me. The problem is, I've found, that when we think we've got something under control, He'll show us that we need to work on it a little more. But our fruits should be growing as we strive for His wisdom. So I pray that He'll grow all of our fruit :)

  2. I wasn't going to go here on my blog because we are doing it with the youth but I felt led to do it! So here it is!! So true that we always need to work on each one more. We never have it completely under control! That's why God is in control!!! Thanks Erika!

  3. Which one do I struggle with? Depends on the hour of the day! The fact that we struggle even though we try shows our dependence on God. Without Him, we can do nothing. But with Him, all things are possible. So, here I am. Leaning on the Lord. Trying to grow my fruit!!

  4. Amen Marci! Thanks for reminding me! :)