Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Change Needed – Please Read and Help!

Okay blogging friends, this may be a little bit of a rambling but I am about to burst at the seams here. I am very frustrated. My creative juices are not flowing. I want to do so much with this blog and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I have prayed and prayed and prayed about it. I know the answer is to get a new site but now my problem is coming up with a name. If you ever read Proverbs 31 you know how perfect that type of woman is and how imperfect we all are. I do strive to be that type of woman but it is not touching who I am. So, I am looking for a name change! I would like your help if you don’t mind. I’m begging here!!!

If you don’t know about me you can read my profile and my post here.

Here is some more of who I am (I will highlight the words that are most important to me):

Positive look on everything. Although I am human and have my days.

I am a normal Mom and Wife, struggling with life but believing in my Lord and Savior is what gets me through.

I am a practical and simple person.

I am unfortunately, a procrastinator and hoping that I can beat it!

I want to be successful, I want to be remembered as the person who reaches out to others because of the love in my heart even for the strangers.

I am a big dreamer. If you have been following me you know of my dream of owning a bed and breakfast in Charleston SC.

I also do have some decorating style in me but I am now living in a rental that I am not allowed to do anything with (including hanging stuff). Hopefully that will change soon!

Family is very, very important to me but family in my mind is my blood, church and friends (even you!).

I miss my family in PA so much but I am happy with my life with my husband at the beach.

I want to be happy but most of all joyful in everything!

Noticing blessings are very important to keep my positive attitude.

I struggle to be creative (I used to be very creative, not anymore.) I am striving to be that person again! (Doesn’t look like I’m getting too far as you see in this post! Ha-Ha).

My 100th post is coming up in about 4 weeks and I would like to have changed it by then along with hopefully some giveaways, advertising and guest posts on my new site. So I am still waiting to hear of any insight ANYONE can give to help me in these areas. Also, if you are someone that is willing to give something I can giveaway and/or willing to do a guest post please contact me!!

I have so many great ideas for a new start along with taking some of the things from here. I’ve got a list or two, ha-ha! I believe that God has placed this change on my heart. I am determined to do it!

Thanks for listening, thanks for helping and thanks for the encouragement you give!!

And while you are at it go check out this fabulous event!!

My favorite gal has wrote a book to help people like me!! Yippee!!


Here is a photo of me that my 6 year old took this weekend. She didn’t do too bad! Although, I’m not fond of photos of me! It was hot and my hair was crazy!! LOL!

July fourth 9




  1. Mkay I'm going to be thinking hard on this one!

  2. Thanks Ang! You are fabulous! You know that right!

  3. I am in the same boat as you Chele. I think that my approach is going to be sitting down and making a list of all of the things I want my blog to be and then narrowing down my list until it makes sense. I know exactly how you are feeling. Maybe in the process we can help each other out. And by the way, I love that your blog is real and it is you. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Amy, thank you for the encouragement and thank you for sharing that you struggle with the same thing! Definitely, help each other out!!

  5. ok...thinking...praying...

    I'm working on a redesign myself, but I'm keeping my name and pretty much the same content...just stepping it up a notch :)

    BTW...love the pic! It is good! I can never post the stellar pics my kids have taken of me at oh such unflattering angles and times of day!!

  6. thanks Marci! ooh I am excited to see those changes! I'll cheer you on in the process if you need a cheerleader! LOL! Thanks so much for the compliment, I was pretty surprised by the good pics she took this weekend...better than her Mama!

  7. Hmmmm....

    Something like "Striving for Prov. 31"
    "Prov. 31 Wannabe" Haha!

  8. When I started my blog, I didn't start with "I want to start a blog". I had been wanting to write on my topic for years, so I had my topic and my blog was where I could write about it

    The important question--is what one theme is all your writing going to center around? Oh, my. I sound like the composition teacher now, don't I. Well, you can take the writing teacher out of the classroom. . . .

    Even if you are a hodgepodge of ideas, then your name should center around the hodgepodgeness of those ideas.

    Why don't you grab a spiritual gift book, a love language book,(see my blog for my recommendation of mom book must haves) and then after pin-pointing your call in life and h ow you hug, make a list of what you want to say with your blog.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  9. Haha you crack me up! Wannabe is right! LOL I wanted Positively Me but it's already taken!

  10. @bluecottonmemory thank you so much for the great advice. I am going to your blog now. Thanks for visiting! :)

  11. I'm so not good with titles, but it sounds like you're a very faithful and joyful person who genuinely strives for Proverbs 31. At the same time you want to be seen as "real," admitting your failures and giving all the glory for what goes right to God.

    SO...maybe something like:

    The Faithful Dreamer
    A woman striving for Proverbs 31 and leaning on grace

    not that great, but perhaps it will get you started? I like the idea of a main title with a description below it.

    Hope that makes sense and doesn't just confuse you more :)

  12. Thanks Heather! That is good! And thank you for visiting my blog!