Friday, July 10, 2009

No Shame Here!

I love these giveaways, even though I never win. So YES {head is hanging a little low but oh well!} I am doing this for me to have a better chance at winning but I am also doing it because these are my favorite blogger gals I’m speaking about and I owe them too! LOL.

Both Ang and Marci have supported me and helped me since I’ve started this! Thank you ladies for all the time you spend helping me! You are just darlin’ in my book! :)

Ang at the Creative Mama wrote her first e-book called Project Photography, which I am pretty sure I have already mentioned this week (maybe a few times)! Ha-ha! Go check out her two week series with interviews of professional photographers and giveaways! We have one more week to go on this series so you are not late!

My friend Marci over at Overcoming Busy did a Photography Book Review and Giveaway! It’s only until Sunday evening, so hurry up and go enter! The book is called Project Photography to help those like me that are not professional!

I feel horrible that I did not buy Ang’s book yet but now I’m waiting to see if I win it instead… I am sure she understands! ;) I am definitely buying it Monday if I don’t win the book!


Now while I am at it, I my as well tell you about this one too!

Melissa over at the Inspired Room is doing a fantastic giveaway this week. It ends Sunday too. So hurry over! The post is Elisa Lou Designs Summer Giveaway!  Beautiful bags, I want and need a new bag desperately!!

Warning…If you go over to any of the sites mentioned… I’m sure you will not leave!  These ladies are such an inspiration and wonderful people. I look forward to reading their blogs everyday!


Good Luck! In God Speed…I’m off for the weekend!!


  1. Seriously, I want to win that bag! It's so cute!!

  2. I just went on these pages!! Love them. Plus I love those bags!!! Awesome stuff!

  3. Aw, thanks for sharing my post!

    Happy day & blessings in your week!


  4. Anytime Melissa! Thanks for visiting! :)